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For the last three years Darrick Wood has been at the forefront of developing a new Key Stage 3 Assessment and Progress Monitoring system entitled “STEPS – Strategic Targets for Educational Progress and Success”.

The demise of Levels from September 2014 meant that all schools nationally had to undertake to establish a system that would replace the former and ensure a robust and rigorous programme of monitoring and reporting. Over the last two years it became obvious that this mammoth task was simply beyond many schools and Darrick Wood were increasingly invited to share their approach by speaking about the process we undertook at regional and national conferences on assessment. As a result Darrick Wood are now considered by many to be at the cutting edge of Key Stage 3 Assessment and Progress system design, and as a consequence have been working closely with the international publishing house, Scholastic, to develop a marketable version of our own system.

This opportunity has meant that many staff at Darrick Wood have had an opportunity to work intensively with Scholastic and produce a very professional and well received model that is now being taken on board by schools all over the United Kingdom and beyond. Whilst this development has not come without some hiccups, particularly in our first pilot year, it has enabled Darrick Wood to confidently put into practice a complete assessment and monitoring system that has gained in support and acceptance with all of its users and stakeholders. Now in its third year at Darrick Wood, we have ironed out many of the teething difficulties we encountered initially and feel confident that key stage 3 assessment here will continue to go from strength to strength.

If you would like to know more about STEPS please follow the links below or contact the School for answers to specific questions.

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