It is well known that physical activity and sport is crucial for maintaining a healthy body and mind. At Darrick Wood we strongly believe that student’s should be participating in clubs and societies outside of the curriculum. This will not only help them to release everyday stress and anxieties, but we have the vision that healthy and happy students will go on to achieve greater academic success.

We are a thriving Physical Education department that are proud to offer a rich extra-curricular programme of sport for all students to enjoy. On this page you will find lots of key information and details about the extra-curricular sports and activities the Physical Education department offer at Darrick Wood School.

Within our extra-curricular programme we have two pathways that facilitate our vision for sport at Darrick Wood:

  • The Sport for all pathway aims to offer a wider range of activities that target as many students as possible. Within this pathway we want to give all students the opportunity to get involved in after school sport with the long-term aim of staying physically active throughout school and into adult life. We also understand that school within a post pandemic society can be stressful. We aim to give students the opportunity to enjoy their sports, be competitive and take their mind off everyday worries and anxieties.
  • Our Elite pathway focuses on pushing our most able/gifted and talented athletes to become experts in their chosen sport and are driven to represent the school in local fixtures. These students will be expected to compete in a number of different traditional sport across the school year. We focus on improving skill, fitness, diet and performance in an effort to help these students reach the highest level of competition they can.

All of our students will be expected to hold the upmost respect for themselves, their peers and opponents. We expect Darrick Wood students to conduct themselves professionally during after school sport which will in turn facilitate the most enjoyment possible. We believe that competition is extremely healthy for the body and mind and recognise that for some students after school sport is the highlight of their time at secondary school.

We are also mindful of the need for students to be given opportunities to be resilient. We expect students to train for their sport, check team notice boards, gather important information from staff and pass this communication home to parents/guardians. We value traditional means of running sports teams with resilience and team spirit at the heart of everything we do.