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What do students learn?

How does PSHE develop through Year 7 to 11?

Personal, Social, Health Education makes a significant contribution to students’ personal development. Essentially it is about educating the whole student. The development of their personal and social skills is a fundamental aspect of education and underpins other learning, it gives young people the knowledge they need to grow and develop as individuals and members of society.

PSHE education helps children and young people to build their personal identities, confidence and self-esteem, make career choices and understand what influences their decisions including financial ones. Developing self-understanding, empathy and the ability to work with others will help young people to enjoy healthy and productive relationships in all aspects of their lives.

To lead a happy and independent life, children must develop their self confidence and take care of their own health and wellbeing. They need to know not only their rights and responsibilities but those of others as well. We teach them to respect and value the richness and diversity of our British Society. The subject is not formally assessed, instead logbooks are used in a diary style to note downs thoughts and ideas each lesson.

The PSHE programme at Darrick Wood school is taught once a week in Year 7 with a combination of Learn to Learn work – creating the basic knowledge for how we learn. In years 8-11 students have PSHE every other week and during these sessions we look at various topics and issues that are relevant to that age group. Topics are often revisited each year but developed upon.

PSHE involves three main areas of study. Health and Wellbeing, SRE and Relationships and Living in the Wilder World, within these areas we look at topics that each child will be able to relate to and skills they will need to develop in order to cope with what lies ahead.

We often have guest speakers or organisations into the school for further knowledge and development. We also have a Health Day in Year 9 in which students can meet with professionals in the health sector and learn skills and facts which can keep them safe and healthy.

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