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On 13th October 2015, Darrick Wood School successfully achieved the World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM). The WCSQM process required students to compile comprehensive evidence in support of this prestigious accolade.

Throughout the process students from Darrick Wood School had to evidence that they, themselves, were World Class students. Schools are nominated for this award based on their record of excellent results and outstanding Ofsted inspections. The aim of the Quality Mark is to enable schools who achieve it to collaborate and improve further.

Two students from each year group were nominated to take up the challenge of helping gather the evidence. These World Class Ambassadors completed an extensive audit of the School and gathered evidence to indicate we are world class. They were not allowed to have any help from staff with this task. They also produced a wonderful supporting video of the School. The audit and video were then submitted to as assessment committee for evaluation. The Senior Prefect team at the time led this work.

We were pleased to find out after the holidays that we were successful in the first phase of the application. We were then invited to an Assessment Centre at Foulds Primary School in Barnet. Three students from Year 13 were nominated to represent Darrick Wood and work with other schools on a challenge which would improve the School whilst they were individually monitored and assessed against the world class criteria of the Quality Mark. One week before the Assessment Day the team were informed what the challenge would be – to work with the primary school children and teams from other schools to improve the school pond. After an early start and a long drive the team arrived at the Foulds. Their impact was considerable and not long after, Darrick Wood School was awarded the World Class Schools Quality Mark.

In 2018 we were again asked to submit evidence of the world class education we provide in order to be re-accredited. This time the evidence submitted was reviewed by pupils from another world class school. In the summer term of 2018 we were proud to receive our re-accreditation.

School Travel Plan

Darrick Wood School has recently developed a School Travel Plan. The main purpose of this is to promote sustainable and safer travel for the whole School community.

The aims of the Plan are: The benefits of the Plan include:

Healthy Schools

December 2013
Darrick Wood is the first secondary school in Bromley to achieve the Bronze Award from Healthy Schools London.
We will now be working towards achieving the Silver Award.

To achieve the Award the School had to demonstrate how it is educating pupils and students in these four areas:

General Information
The food we eat has a great influence on our health. We have a huge range of foods to choose from. There is no such thing as good and bad foods, it is all about the quantity of each food consumed.

We should:

The balanced plate shows the proportions of foods which make up a healthy diet. The proportions are important:

Plenty of starchy food like bread and potatoes, especially wholegrain varieties

Plenty of fruit and vegetables – 5 portions a day

Smaller amounts of protein and dairy foods

Not too much sugary or fatty foods

A good diet will keep you healthy and prevent obesity, heart disease, diabetes, tooth decay, poor skin and anaemia in later life.

Healthy Schools Bronze Healthy Schools Sliver