COVID-19 - Asymptomatic Testing Consent

Terms of consent

1. I have had the opportunity to consider the information provided by the School about the testing, ask questions and have had these answered satisfactorily, based on the information presented in the letter dated 11/01/2021 and the Covid Testing Privacy Notice located on the School website and linked in the letter previously dated.

2. In the case of under 16s, I have discussed the testing with my child and my child is happy to participate. If on the day of testing they do not wish to take part, then they will not be made to do so and consent can be withdrawn at any time ahead of the test. To withdraw consent please complete the form on the School’s website. Please be aware that there will be a delay in processing this information which may result in you / your child participating in the test process.

3. I consent to having / my child having a nose and throat swab for lateral flow tests. I / my child will self-swab if I / my child is able to otherwise I understand that assistance is available. In the case of under 16s or pupils who are not able to provide informed consent, I have discussed the testing with my child and they are happy to participate and self-swab (with assistance if required).

4. I understand that there may be multiple tests required and this consent covers all tests for the below named person.

5. I consent that my / my child’s sample(s) will be tested for the presence of COVID-19.

6. I understand that if the result(s) are negative on the lateral flow test I will not be contacted by the School.

7. If the lateral flow test indicates the presence of COVID-19, I understand that I / my child will be provided with a confirmatory PCR testing kit to be performed at home. I/they will follow the instructions on the PCR Kit to return the test the same day to an NHS Test & Trace laboratory.

8. If the lateral flow test indicates the presence of COVID-19, I commit to ensuring that I / my child is removed from school premises as promptly as possible, bearing in mind I / they may have some anxiety following a positive test result.

9. I consent that I / they will need to self-isolate following a positive lateral flow test result, until the results of the confirmatory PCR have been received.

10. I agree that if my / my child’s test results are confirmed to be positive from this PCR test, I will report this to the school and I understand that I / my child will be required to self-isolate following public health advice.

11. I understand that the School will also be using lateral flow tests for close contacts of a positive case. I understand that should I / my child be identified as a close contact then by signing this form you are also providing consent for serial testing to be performed using lateral flow tests on a daily basis should you or your child choose to attend school in the following seven days. Serial testing is not available at the weekend / holiday and if those periods are included in the 7 days then you would be expected to self isolate and resume testing on the next available school day. Please note: Since the change in Government guidlines daily testing of close contacts will not be performed.

12. At the end of each test, I understand that I / my child will be given a card to take home with the barcode relating to the test and that the government requires this barcode to be registered with NHS Trace and Trace via the website link which can be found on the School’s website. This process must be completed within 24 hours of the test. This will allow the NHS Track and Trace service to notify you of your test results be it positive or negative.

13. All data collected in this consent form will only be kept for the duration of the testing programme performed by the School and will be viewed by those setting up, running and monitoring the testing programme. At the end of the programme all data provided in the consent forms will be destroyed.

Are you consenting for a student or a member of staff